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May 2016

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The artistic project



This phrase from poet Robert Desnos perfectly encapsulates our desires for this new season. Great world stories and powerful personal testimonies, new artistic figures and misunderstood territories, timeless artworks and mythologies of today, all of this is on offer this season.

Associate artist David Lescot will address climate change, Serge Amisi from Congo will recall his past as a child soldier, Phia Ménard will speak on “being a woman”, Vladimir Pankov reveals the ghosts of WW1, Eun-Me Ahn will create a portrait of Korean society through dance, Koltès will speak to us about the Algerian war, and Balzac about stock-market malpractices. Iranian theatre director Afsâneh Mâhian will give a voice to the women of his country, Norah Krief will give new life to revolutionary songs from around the world, and the Congolese choreographer Andréya Ouamba will denounce African dictators. With him, with them, we’ll see see how not to “stop believing in the future”.

Each season our audience grows larger and larger, with more people to accompany us at our productions with loyalty and curiosity. So, to continue to surprise you and stimulate your sense of discovery, more than half of the invited artists of this 2015 – 2016 season are here for the first time. Notably, the Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou, Eun-Me Ahn from Korea, and the troublemaker Ko Sun-woong, French theatre directors Arnaud Churin and Mirabelle Rousseay, and also Lazare and his personal writing for the stage. Despite being internationally recognized, Quebec’s Robert Lepage and the Taiwanese Cloud Gate Dance Theatre company will be here for the first time at the Théâtre de la Ville, likewise the towering soprano Natalie Dessay will take her first steps as an actress.

New faces and other territories, we will visit China with a sublime traditional opera, a children’s tale and the return of TAO Dance, Korea with a Focus of six programs from all disciplines, Russia with Vladimir Pankov, Iran with Afsâneh Mâhian, and also Congo, Senegal, Portugal… not to mention the world music through which we continue to explore unexpected countries and celebrate being citizens of the world!

Other forms of never-before-seen performances will also be at the Théâtre de la Ville for the first time – a Korean shamanic ritual in partnership with the Festival d’Automne à Paris, a contemporary opera entitled La Double Coquette by Gérard Pesson with costumes by Annette Messager, the dizzying magic of Lee Eungyeol, the impressive traditional Korean opera, Madame Ong, and choreography on ice presented at the Bercy ice rink… rare and unclassable, these works continue to increase our desire to be open to art in all its diversity.

The Program {children & youth}, initiated four years ago, will take another step forward this season with 16 offerings in theatre, dance and music for all the family at the Théâtre de la Ville and the many partner sites.

The troupe with whom I have the privilege to work will channel Balzac and Pirandello, after the undeniable success received last season for Balzac’s Waiting for Godeau and Six Characters in Search of an Author imagined by the Sicilian author. At the end of 2015, author Fabrice Melquiot will create a big dream around Alice in Wonderland at the Théâtre de la Ville, marking our strong commitment to creating ambitious works for all audiences.

In a time often too inclined towards insularity and cultural entrenchment, we’re doubling our desire for openness and a culture of sharing. A theatre that’s popular and demanding, traditional and modern, where everyone, both audience and artist, French and foreigner, can be dazzled by meeting one another and enriched by each other’s differences.

Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota


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