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May 2017

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The artistic project




Without a doubt, you know that the Théâtre de la Ville will close its doors for two seasons, in order to perform maintenance works that have become essential. Since its inauguration in 1968, no important works have been undertaken in the building. So, after two seasons, the new Théâtre de la Ville will reopen its doors. Security, accessibility, technical tools for the stage, and the space will all be brought up to standards, while the public spaces, rehearsal room, and the Café des Œillets will have a complete facelift - to become a public theatre of the future.
We can truly be happy that, thanks to the commitment of the city of Paris, the theatre’s project will allow it to reinvent itself over these two seasons, to find a different vitality, and almost a new spirit. The Théâtre des Abbesses will remain very active, the administration and artistic teams will benefit from the Espace Pierre Cardin that has been renovated by the city – and that will offer numerous possibilities for rehearsals and creations in its various different spaces. Finally, a set of new partnerships with around twenty large theatres in Paris and its region will allow us to accommodate the biggest theatre and dance companies from France and around the world throughout the whole season. We’re deeply grateful to the directors of all of these spaces for their hospitality, for the quality of the discussions around these projects, both created and brought together, across the Parisian area.


We will always be close to our motto, well known in the Roman theatre (a play by Térence!), everything that concerns the world, the modern world, the real world, the stakes that are faced every day, can, and must, find a form of expression on our stages. From the most secret sentiments, to the happiness that’s best when shared, all the way up to grand collective experiences of people, especially when they seek to conquer or re-conquer their freedom.
Although we’re announcing an itinerant season, we aren’t forgetting that even Paris, in several areas, experienced terrible attacks in January and then again in November 2015. It’s always been important for us to affirm the existence, and the presence of the art of theatre, dance, and music, to fight against crime and barbarism.


We’re hearing more than ever, to continue being completely open to aesthetics, as much in dance and theatre as in music, not to mention the intersection of the disciplines that can offer a chance to create, right here, between them. And to experience all the adventure of modernity and creative liberty.
Thirty-two creations of theatre and dance, and more than thirty musical performances, are waiting for you in this new season, in more then twenty partner spaces. Here or elsewhere, you can discover new faces, revisit the companies that the Théâtre de la Ville has committed to support for the long term, attend creations made by the great names of the international scene, some of whom are familiar to our seasons such as James Thierrée, Akram Khan, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Krystian Lupa, Robert Wilson, Lucinda Childs, Tanztheater Wuppertal/Pina Bausch, Berliner Ensemble, Maguy Marin, Wim Vandekeybus, and the worldwide creation of Hofesh Shechter.

Among the newcomers, Samuel Achache and Jeanne Candel, and also Tsirihaka Harrivel and Vimala Pons will present their new creations. Olivier Coulon-Jablonka will revisit 81 Avenue Victor Hugo, created at the CDN at Aubervilliers with a collective of illegal immigrants. Igor & Moreno and Ben Duke celebrate the vitality of the young London scene. Also look out for Kyle Abraham, Nora Chipaumire and The Civilians from New York. These two last companies will present within the framework of a new partnership between BAM New York and the Théâtre de la Ville to jointly support young French and American creations.

With the troupe of the Théâtre de la Ville, I will stage L’État de siege (The State of Siege) at Espace Pierre Cardin, a strange and unknown piece by Albert Camus, a distorted mirror of a nightmarish future in which a city is reduced to the silence and submission of authority, under the leadership of a character called La Peste (The Plague). A theatre troupe that’s both poetic and political, a dramaturgy that extends what was previously discussed with Rhinocéros – the necessity of resistance.

Art is a catharsis against human monstrosities, that delivers, liberates, exposes the terrible and its roots, and has always inspired the creation of our seasons. As well as our penchant for pure brilliance. Above all, what drives us, in a society that’s crossed by its contradictions, is the need to preserve the act of artistry at any cost, by venturing into new terrains, in all domains, by inventing other ways of addressing everything. Never losing sight of this – to pass on art, which has always existed, to future generations.

Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota


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