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May 2015

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The artistic project


Enthusiasm in these our troubled times

May we rejoice in this time of crisis? Without ignoring the economic difficulties, the anxiety clouding our everyday life, we must insist on the importance of artistic creation which, in all its forms, throughout the world,  provides everyone with a means to imagine the future, with a unique field of experience and may help nurture the resistance to tyranny and conformism.
 Shall we dare say that we are particularly happy with the current finishing season, our third at the Théâtre de la Ville? The fact is we have recorded 280 000 entries in 2011: that much curiosity, yearning, variety in taste and desire for the theatre, music and dance productions in accordance with the Théâtre de la Ville’s triple vocation, but also for its new initiatives! The latter include an extensive “Parcours Enfance & Jeunesse” [“Itinerary for Children and Teenagers”] bringing together several Paris theatre houses, “Chantiers d’Europe” [“European Stage-Works”], a festival open to young authors and companies, and an international competition, “ Danse élargie” [“Dance at its Broadest”], with 200 participants.
Those indeed are the propositions our audience, our audiences rather, responded to. Whatever their different origins or age groups, they switch with ease from theatre to dance or to music, be it classical or world music, and back.
Here we are, once more facing the task of building in France what could be now and in the future a major public theatre, which would remain at the same time a major World Theatre, open to the three arts while developing its international dimension: the only theatre in France having to meet constantly these requirements.
    Accordingly, the Théâtre de la Ville ardently wishes to present its creations abroad. After having toured Portugal, Russia, Turkey, we eagerly look forward with our company to visiting major US cities (Los Angeles, New York, Ann Harbor), and venues where we are honoured to perform. We will also go to London and Lisbon and take part once more in the Moscow International Festival. Paris! Paris is really true to its past when the city remembers it is a city of freedom for artistic research and hospitality for foreign artists. This implies a constant understanding of the artists’ situation in their home countries as well as relationships based on equality, which between artists easily becomes fraternity.
Thanks to our 90 artistic propositions, we no doubt seek first to make strange what is foreign and then to make this very strangeness…familiar!
We are thus made richer with the talents of others; for culture and art are not possessions that you keep to yourself. They are passed on and stay with you

Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota


Théâtre de la Ville
directeur Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
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