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1st and 2nd categories €

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Construire une nouvelle démocratie en Europe

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 Espace Pierre Cardin
Wednesday 17 May 2017 - 20h30
  • Wednesday 17 May 2017 - 20h30

Débat event

Construire une nouvelle démocratie en Europe

in partnership with Le Monde

Europe is living a historic moment. Since its foundation, it fulfilled a fundamental mission - eliminating the danger of war - but it didn't manage to prevent the severe crisis it's facing nowadays: Brexit, rise of populist movements, social alarms, refugees tragedy.
Today, the progress and prosperity that were aimed by the founding fathers of Europe, are at stake and the Union is questioned by those who feel far from it or even suspicious about it. This emerging reality is embodied in the six countries represented in the 8th Chantiers d'Europe edition: Croatia, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom. Major splits exist between them; their past and their stakes in relation to the community are very different, but these same differences indeed stimulate a very interesting debate. How can we reinvent democracy in Europe? That is our question, because that is one of Europe major challenges.
Artists can play and dance the world, they can also dream about it. But they are forced to work according to political and economic constraints which vary according to the country. France is privileged. We are aware of it. In other countries, you often need to fight to raise funds in particularly difficult contexts. The cultural landscape which is the result of such a situation is quite kaleidoscopic. Perspectives change, problems are different form one another, but the fundamental questions are the same: finding a way to talk about the current state of things, finding out what, throughout a threatened Europe, could allow us to gather together. Maybe, through these shattered times, thinking about The Carnation Revolution which overthrew the longest dictatorship in Europe. It was in 1974; not so long ago then. Twelve years later, Portugal joined the European Union: hope was at the end of the road.

Brigitte Salino



Debate with Chantiers d'Europe's artits hosted by Brigitte Salino.
Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, director and Théâtre de la Ville director
Marjolijn van Heemstra
director (Nederlands),
Martha Bouziouri
, co-author playwright of Anestis Azas (Greece)
& Kirstin Shirling Good Chance Theatre (United Kingdom)

Pascale Fougère

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