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Dance evening - 3 shows - Italy

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 Théâtre des Abbesses
Wednesday 23 May 2018 - 19h00  See performance time    Dance
  • Wednesday 23 May 2018 - 19h00

Marco D'Agostin Choreographer
Annamaria Ajmone Choreographer
Roberto Castello Choreographer

Dance evening - 3 shows - Italy

Everything is OK

concept & performance Marco D’Agostin
music LSKA
lighting design Rocco Giansante
movement coach Marta Ciappina
dramaturgic advisor Kristin De Groot
Feeling the saturation of words and gestures
Good that the title (Everything is OK) is there to reassure us! Because Marco D’Agostin’s solo takes after an hyperactive upheaval leading him (and us) through an unbridled cavalcade where words come from all sides at full speed in a collision of vocal intonations and styles.  Afterwards, D’Agostin will let his body fuse to a squad of references and gestural patterns. « Showbiz society » icons condensing into a breathless movement brought to saturation. 

Before developing his own works in 2010, Marco D’Agostin has been a  performer for several choreographers and directors (Claudia Castellucci, Liz Santoro, Rosemary Butcher, etc…). In May 2018, he will also create a duo, « Avalanche », for the Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis..



concept & choreography Annamaria Ajmone
music Palm Wine
technical direction Giulia Pastore

A dancer listening to space
Romaeuropa Festival and Venice Biennale Danza haven’t been slow to recognize Annamaria Ajmone’s promising talent. Trained in Milan, in 2016, the Italian magazine « Danza & Danza » awarded her « Best Young Italian Artist Prize ».  Her « inhabiting practices » allow dance to create its own space in a variety of different places. In Paris, she will untie the soft lines of her solo « Trigger » in the Théâtre des Abbesses court, as close as possible to the audience in a vibrating listening that seems to enhance the density of each moment.

Trained in dance and literature at the University of Milan, Annamaria Ajmone danced in several Italian companies as well as with Guilherme Botelho in Switzerland and Jérôme Bel in France. Her first choreographic works date back to 2014 when she turned herself to « site-specific-actions » within a project that she called « Archipel/Pratiques d’habitation ».


In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

At night we go around in circles consumed by fire
by Roberto Castello in collaboration with ALDES
assistant Alessandra Moretti
lighting, music, costumes Roberto Castello
costumes made by Sartor ia Fiorentina & Csilla Evinger
with Mariano Nieddu, Giselda Ranieri, Irene Russolillo, Stefano Questorio.

Between dance, cinema and theatre, a fresco of human condition
Would we be like butterflies attracted to the flame that will burn us? That’s what’s suggested by the palindromic title chosen by Roberto Castello, a pioneer of Italian contemporary dance. In 1981, in a movie bearing that same title, Guy Debord denounced the modern day slavery induced by the consumer society. We will also recognize some Beckett’s accents (along the lines of Maguy Marin’s « May B ») in the hopeless, spasmodic and haunting run of the four dancers gathered by Roberto Castello, stuck in to the obsessive rhythm of an hypnotic music pinned by succeeding beams of light. A fresco of human condition.

Dancer, playwright and director, born in 1960, Roberto Castello studied modern dance in Turin and New York. After working with Carolyn Carlson in Venice, he takes part to the creation of Sosta Palmizi, one of the oldest Italian contemporary dance companies. In 1993, he settles in Tuscany where he founds his own company, ALDES.



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Théâtre de la Ville
directeur Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
16 quai de Gesvres 75180 Paris Cedex 04
2 place du Châtelet 75004 Paris
tél. adm. 01 48 87 54 42

9220 Association déclarée
identifiant SIREN 775 661 721
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