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Big and Small

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 Théâtre de la Ville
From 29 March to 8 April 2012
  • Thursday 29 March 2012 - 20h30
  • Friday 30 March 2012 - 20h30
  • Saturday 31 March 2012 - 15h00
  • Saturday 31 March 2012 - 20h30
  • Sunday 1 April 2012 - 15h00
  • Tuesday 3 April 2012 - 20h30
  • Wednesday 4 April 2012 - 20h30
  • Thursday 5 April 2012 - 20h30
  • Friday 6 April 2012 - 20h30
  • Saturday 7 April 2012 - 15h00
  • Saturday 7 April 2012 - 20h30
  • Sunday 8 April 2012 - 15h00

length: 2H40

Sydney Theatre Company theatre
Botho Strauss Author
Benedict Andrews Director
Cate Blanchett Actor

Big and Small  creation
In English, French subtitles

A woman is looking for her place in the city, in life. As time has gone by,  he cities, and the way we consider life have changed. But loneliness is still there.

Claude Régy is the first who, in 1982, revealed Big and little in French. And Botho Strauss, then a collaborator of Peter Stein, first produced the play in 1978 – which came to France in its original version –at the Schaubühne in Berlin.West-Berlin, a city shut in GDR, where one easily imagines Lotte’s wanderings, this young woman who is trying in vain to find her place; she meets with uncommunicative people, she is lonely, she gets  lonelier and lonelier, but  doesn’t lose hope for all that… Today, Benedict Andrews brings the English version of the play to our attention – in Martin Crimp ‘s translation– and shifts the problem. In the same way as, since the 70s, Berlin’s and Europe’s situation have shifted and ways of life have evolved. So the story is located in a Moroccan hotel where Lotte, a tourist with no money left, with no one left to talk to, talks to herself, listens to the echoes of life that come to her from behind the windows… To play Lotte, Peter Stein had Juta Lampe, Claude Régy had Bulle Ogier. And today Cate Blanchett

Colette Godard



Cate Blanchett as a hopeless nobody is just one of the  surprises in this amazing production. (…) But when played by an actor of the extraordinary emotional agility and range of Cate Blanchett, the role of Lotte dazzles as a star vehicle, reverberates in the ear as a prose poem, and touches us deeply as a meditation on the squirming position of a single human being. (…)Blanchett's art is so strong that she soon transcends her Hollywood reputation and becomes, convincingly, a hopeless nobody. Time out Sydney online. Updated on 22 Nov 2011.

During the opening scene of Groß und Klein you sense immediately that Cate Blanchett's portrayal of the alienated, lonely Lotte is something very special. By the end of the play, she has taken you on such an extraordinary journey that you walk almost dazed from the theatre  knowing it's a performance you will never forget. (…)

This Sydney Theatre Company production features a dynamic new adaptation by British playwright Martin Crimp, which is very funny at times particularly in Blanchett's hands. German designer Johannes Schutz has created a series of skeletal white sets that cleverly evoke each scene while locating them in a discomforting, dark void. It's a wonderful design (with beautifully observed costumes by Alice Babidge, lighting by Nick Schlieper and soundscape by Max Lyandvert) in which director Benedict Andrews conjures a pro-duction full of haunting images and surprising moments. There are well-judged supporting performances from a marvellous cast of 14 among them Lynette Curran, Anita Hegh, Belinda McClory, Josh McConville, Robert Menzies, Richard Pyros and Christopher Stollery. However, the play stands or falls by its Lotte and Blanchett is riveting in a performance of extraordinary bravery, extending her renowned physical and vocal dexterity beyond anything we have seen from her before to create a character slightly out of kilter. She dances in gawky, ungainly fashion, she pins an ample woman to the floor, she does battle with a panel of door buzzers, she laughs and weeps. Hyper-emotional, skittish, fragile yet resilient, increasingly unhinged by disappointment, Lotte's unsha-keable optimism in the face of so much rejection is heartbreaking, yet she finally seems to achieve a kind of serenity. Many in the opening night audi-ence seemed bemused or alienated by the play. But Andrews' pro-duction is first-rate and Blanchett's performance is truly remarkable.  Sunday Telegraph 27/11/2011


Cate delivers a whole Lotte entertainment

with Blanchett's exquisite comic timing, director Benedict Andrews' brilliant vision and a strong ensemble cast, this is a ripper. The Daily Telegraph


Big and Small
A Journey across contemporary Germany

Botho Strauss
english version by

Martin Crimp
Benedict Andrews
Johannes Schütz
Alice Babidge
Nick Schlieper
Max Lyandvert

Cate Blanchett, Lynette Curran, Anita Hegh, Belinda McClory, Josh McConville, Robert Menzies, Katrina Milosevic, Yalin  Ozucelik, Richard Piper, Richard Pyros, Sophie Ross, Chris Ryan, Christopher Stollery, Martin Vaughan

Co-commissioned by Barbican London and London 2012 Festival using funds from the National Lottery, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Theatre de la Ville Paris and Wiener Festwochen. 
Sydney Theatre Company thanks Young Vic, London.

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Théâtre de la Ville
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