Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Apr 22, 2020, Jul 25, 2021


17:00 / 18:00

The Théâtre de la Ville, with its partner theaters in Europe, now offers Poetic Consultations in foreign languages with bilingual actors: in greek, spanish, english, portuguese, mandarin, wolof, beti, lingala, sango, pidgin, congo, italian, arabic. The consultation, as well as the reading of the poem, takes place in the language of your choice.

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Thank you and take care of yourself.

With :

  • in english : Johanna White, James Borniche, Julie Bordas, Marie-France Alvarez
  • in spanish : Marie-France Alvarez, Johanna White, Alexandra Ansidei
  • in greek : Eirini Patoura
  • in mandarin : Yilin Yang, Yi-Ju Fang, Chih-Wei Tsen, Shih-Wei Wang
  • in wolof : Fama Ly
  • in beti : Emile Abossolo
  • in sango : José Messongo
  • in italian : Maurizio Lombardi, Giulia Bianchi Weber, Francesco Gori, Carolina Pezzini, Maddalena Amorini, Claudia Marino, Mattia Braghero
  • in arabic : Mahmoud Elhaddad
  • in lingala : Astrid Mamina et Ludovic Parfait Goma
  • in congo : Ludovic Parfait Goma
  • in pidgin : Emil Abossolo
  • in romanian : Matei Visniec, Nicoleta Lefter, Radu Vancu
  • in portuguese : Sonia Baptista, Lionel Cecilio
  • in hebrew : Meital Peretz, Yuval Rozman
  • in albanian and slovenian : Arben Bajraktaraj
  • in german : Sophie Mousel, Lukas Turtur
  • in hungarian : Mathias Zakhar, Csaba Polgár, Tünde Kókai, Máté Novkov

Teatro della Pergola, Florence, Italy
Insula 42, Bucharest, Romania
Örkény Theater, Budapest, Hungary
Schaubühne theater, Berlin, Germany
Onassis Foundation, Athens, Greece
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Weiwuying, Taiwan