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Espace Partagé

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The Théâtre de la Ville. It's a place we love, it's an idea, it's a thought, of art that breathes, of encounters that inspire. We love this Theatre for the moment when we recognise others, because this is their welcoming home. A place of hospitality.

After 7 years of renovation and new, reinvented spaces, the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt opens its doors to you and welcomes you to enhance your shows, screenings, exhibitions, seminars or cocktail parties.

From the Hall and its Agora, to the mezzanines and lounges (with their magnificent views over the Place du Châtelet, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower), and its three performance halls seating 934, 130 and 80, the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt offers a multitude of possibilities, perfectly suited to your desires.

Privatization brochure – english


Yoann Ducreux
Head of privatization

The Great hall

The venue has 3 configurations in the Great Hall:

  • The maximum configuration without proscenium, with a capacity of 901 people, including 20 PRMs.
  • Reduced capacity: 651 people including 8 PRM. This reduction is achieved by means of a curtain suspended under the ceiling in the middle of the auditorium in the courtyard-garden direction in order to block access to the seats behind the curtain.
  • A third configuration allows the public to be seated on the stage at ground level in the large proscenium configuration, with a capacity of 934 people, including 20 PRM.

USAGES: Shows, Conferences and round tables, Fashion shows, Product launches


The dome

La Coupole offers 3 configurations determined by the position of the stage and tiers: empty stage, frontal tier, bi-frontal. Whatever the configuration, the capacity of the auditorium is limited to 130 spectators, including 4 PRM.

This venue also has privileged access to the roofs of the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt, offering a panoramic view of Paris (Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, Centre Pompidou, Hôtel de Ville, Notre-Dame, Panthéon) and the possibility of photo shoots.

EVENTS: Shows, Conferences and round tables, Fashion shows, Showroom, Afterwork/Cocktails, Festive evenings


The Salle des Oeillets

The Salle des Oeillets has a unique configuration with a capacity of 80 people, including 3 PRMs.
The low ceiling height means that Les Oeillets is suitable for limited use (conferences, reading), and the use of this room for live performances with a stage and seats is not favoured. Les Oeillets can be used for receptions/buffets: tables and chairs can be set up for a maximum of 80 people, including 3 PRM.

REQUIREMENTS: Shows (small format), conferences and round tables, fashion shows, showrooms, afterwork/cocktails, festive evenings.


Lounges and mezzanine

Following renovations to the building, the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt now has a mezzanine linked to two lounges, which can be completely private. The mezzanine, with a surface area of almost 120m2, can be used for cocktails or receptions, and offers a view of the theatre's lobby and the Place du Châtelet.

The two adjoining lounges (Salon Gesvres: 42 m2, Salon Victoria: 51 m2) can be used in addition to this initial space to create areas for meetings, relaxation, interviews or photo shoots (balcony access).

USAGES: Fashion shows, Afterwork/Cocktails, Festive evenings, Professional meetings.


The Hall

The Hall is not a performance space per se, but is designed to be multifunctional, hosting a variety of events: dance, theatre, readings, music, plastic and/or digital art exhibitions. There are several possible configurations for the stage area: the stage (flat or with a platform) can be central or on the sides.

Level 0 of the Hall includes a bookshop, a bar and a ticket office. These modules can be moved to the first mezzanine level to leave the hall empty. Strolling between the different areas is also conducive to exhibitions. This space also has direct access to the Place du Châtelet, providing continuity with the outside world.

USAGES: Fashion shows, Showroom/Exhibitions, Afterwork/Cocktails, Festive evenings

Contact us for your privatization
Contact us for your privatization