Théâtre sans frontières

Théâtre sans frontières

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The Théâtre de la Ville Troupe brings together a group of artists: actors and actresses, scenographer, playwright, writers, who have accompanied Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota for several years.

The Théâtre de la Ville Troupe

Many of artists were already present for the creation of Shakespeare's Peine d’amour perdue in 1998, almost all of whom played in Pirandello's Six Personnages en quête d’auteur, Ionesco's Rhinocéros, Brecht's Homme pour homme, Horváth's Casimir et Caroline, Vitrac's Victor ou les Enfants au pouvoir, Ionesco suite as well as in one of Fabrice Melquiot's eight pieces created during these years, including the latest Wanted Petula, Bouli année Zéro, Alice et autres merveilles or Les Séparables for the youngest. All accompanied these shows on long tours in France, Europe and the world (United States, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Korea, Singapore ...). Thanks to this ensemble, the Théâtre de la Ville has written its creations in the long term and can present alternately as it will during this season several works of its repertoire - Albert Camus, Luigi Pirandello, Fabrice Melquiot - to new spectators, France and abroad.

Fifteen actors

Charles-Roger Bour, Céline Carrère, Jauris Casanova, Valérie Dashwood, Philippe Demarle, Sandra Faure, Gaëlle Guillou, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Stéphane Krähenbühl, Alain Libolt, Serge Maggiani, Gérald Maillet, Walter N’Guyen, Hugues Quester, Pascal Vuillemot

A scenographer

Yves Collet

Artistic collaborators

François Regnault, Christophe Lemaire