Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Oct 24Nov 04, 2017

from 10 to 26 €

11:00 / 15:00 / 19:00

- 7
7 years and older

Unforgettable solo recreated for young audiences: magical and soothing.

With "Chotto Desh", young audience version of previous solo "Desh" (Native Land), Akram Khan turns the pages of an initiatory tale full of suspense and powerful images. Between return to the country of origin, Bangladesh - where his parents were born and lived before migrating to London in 1971 - and self-construction, this deep, suggestive and universal piece, performed by a dancer of the company, is perfectly enhanced by sophisticated and wonderful Tim Dip's design.

Thomas Hahn

Artistic direction & choreography Akram Khan Direction & adaptation Sue Buckmaster (Theatre-Rites) Musical composition Jocelyn Pook Light design Guy Hoare Stories imagined by Karthika Naïr, Akram Khan Stories written by Karthika Naïr, Sue Buckmaster choreography assistant Jose Agudo Voice of Akram Khan in French Daniel Berrebi Father's voice in French Asil Raïs Voice of the grandmother in French Tulika Srivastava Voice of Jul in French Skyla Adjei Advisor for the accent Leesa Gazi Visual design Tim Yip Visual animation Yeast Culture Costume design Kimie Nakano Lyrics Bleeding Soles Written by Leesa Gazi singing Melanie Pappenheim, Sohini Alam, Jocelyn Pook (voix, alto, piano), Jeremy Schonfield Chant Tanja Tzarovska Dancers Nicolas Ricchini (en alternance), Dennis Alamanos