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Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Jan 17Jan 20, 2018

from 10 to 18 €



Star of the new generation, David Linehan allies reflection, pleasure and suspense in a surprising process.

Backed by his very exacting eye, David Linehan questions the throwaway culture and our obsessional cult of consumerism. What does it happen when a choreographic phrase is executed in a time that becomes shorter and shorter? Things spiral out of control… But also, what are the traces left by a person after his passage through an allotted space? Falsely innocent, Linehan creates intriguing choreographic structures.

Thomas Hahn

concept and choreography Daniel Linehan company Hiatus

dramaturgy Vincent Rafis scenography 88888 costumes Frédérick Denis costumes assistant Charlotte Matterne sound creation Peter Lenaerts lighting design Elke Verachtert dance & creation Erik Eriksson, Michael Helland, Anneleen Keppens, Victor Pérez Armero