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Espace Partagé

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Robyn Orlin / City Theatre and dance group

Dec 13Dec 23, 2017

from 10 to 29 €



With Benjamin Pech, Paris National Opera soloist, the South-African choreographer tackles Louis XIV figure.

Robyn Orlin versus Louis XIV. In this solo, performed by Paris National Opera soloist Benjamin Pech - accompanied by a harpsichordist - the match will be a tough one. Between the French sovereign - who was an excellent dancer himself and who promulgated this art as a weapon to the glory of the establishment power - and the scathing South-African choreographer, the encounter might turn into a pitched battle.

Jeanne Liger

a projet of Robyn Orlin company City Theatre and dance group

scenography Atelier Maciej Fiszer lighting creation Laïs Foulc costumes creation Olivier Bériot costumes assistant Studio Habeas Corpus video Eric Perroys and Robyn Orlin film Milkshoot : Vikram Gounassegarin dancer Benjamin Pech musician Loris Barrucand (harpsichord)