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Espace Partagé

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Paula Rosolen

Les Abbesses

Sep 22Sep 23, 2017

10 to 26 €



A choreography inspired by the relation between puppets and puppeteers.

Paula Rosolen has been awarded Danse Elargie 1st Prize in 2014. In this piece, she unveils the puppeteers’ secret hands-body choreography. An expressionist dance linked with this traditional Javanese art.

Thomas Hahn

concept and choreography Paula Rosolen

artistic consultant & research J. M. Fiebelkorn musical composition David Morrow wheel fiddle Knud Seckel lights and technical direction Lea Schneidermann costumes Takako Senda, Anika Alischewski director of rehearsals Atsushi Heki choreographic assistant Christopher Matthews production manager Takako Senda with Alina Bilokon, Émilia Giudicelli, Atsushi Heki, Pei Ern Lim, Andrea Rama