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Espace Partagé

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Jérôme Bel / Candoco Dance Company


Festival d'Automne à Paris

Dec 12Dec 16, 2017

from 9 to 25 €

18:30 / 20:30


Jérôme Bel plays with the expectations arouse by representation and the mirror effects between dancers and spectators.

"The show must go on" relies on a simple protocol: 20 performers translate into choreography the lyrics of some pop and rock hits played on stage by a DJ. At its most literal level, the show decontextualizes some very well-known lyrics in order to show the collective symbols they vehicle and their federating power. But behind this festive atmosphere, the piece articulates a clear statement about the inducting power of popular hits and their identification process. At the center of a spectacular device where the theatre hall becomes the mirror of the stage, audience can question itself about its own numbing in front of entertainment: at what extent is it sensitive to musical industry injunctions? Which peculiarities do dancers oppose to its conformism?

Florian Gaité

project and direction Jérôme Bel company Candoco Dance Company

music L. Bernstein, D. Bowie, N. Cave, N. Gimbel & C. Fox, J. Horner, W. Jennings, M. Knopfler, Louiguy, J. Lennon & P. McCartney, G. MacDermott, G. Michael, E. « More » Morillo & M. Quashie, E. Piaf, The Police & H. Padgham, Queen, L. Richie, A. Romero, Monge & R. Ruiz, P. Simon rerun assistants Dina Ed Dik, Henrique Neves with Vanessa Abreu, Jo Bannon, Suzie Birchwood, Joel Brown, Jia-Yu Chang, Gary Clarke, Mickaella Dantas, Karim Dime, Olivia Edginton, Robert Eldridge, Linda Fearon, Katy Francis, Andrej Gubanov, Jason Mabana, Tom Morgan, Matthew Morris, Laura Patay, Susan Sentler, Betty Skelton, Mickel Smithen, Toke Broni Strandby

World premiere Paris, January 4th, 2001, Théâtre de la Ville. French Premiere of this re-run produced by Candoco Dance Company (United Kingdom)