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Espace Partagé

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Barbara Moser / Quatuor Hanson

Feb 10, 2018

from 5 to 19 €




Catch the beauty of a romantic masterpiece.

What better encounter for Austrian pianist Barbara Moser than Quatuor Hanson, trained in CRR and already eight international awards winner? Here they gather together around the brightness of Schumann's Quintet for piano and string quartet. Thanks to the experience of the three Quartets op. 41, in 1842, he undertakes the composition of a quintet. Giving a central role to piano, he dedicates this very lyrical piece to his wife, pianist Clara Schumann, who plays it for the first time with some musicians of Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra. Attending to the premiere, Wagner himself, fascinated by the originality of this romantic masterpiece, praises its qualities and asks for a second audition.

Piano Barbara Moser Quatuor Hanson

Schumann quintet for piano and string quartet op. 44

1st Part Lieder with the CRR students, accompanied by Barbara Moser

2nd Part Barbara Moser & le Quatuor Hanson