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Dive into Beethoven's world with Trio con brio.

Young Trio con brio, coming from Copenhagen and who's already won three international major prizes, will play the first concert of complete Beethoven's piano trios and will spotlight the amazing composition evolution of this piece of work. The so called young trios - op. 1 and 2 - created in the presence of Haydn, attest to an innovative strength with the replacement of traditional minuet by a scherzo. Op. 44 and 121a are variations, their themes coming respectively from Dittersdorf's opera "Das rote Käppchen" and by Müller's song "Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu". The concert climax will be reached with sublime Trio op. 97, dedicated to Rodolphe, Austria Archduke.

Anne de Fornelle

from 5 to 19 €

Violon Soo-Jin Hong
Violoncelle Soo-Kyung Hong
Piano Jens Elvekjaer

Complete Beethoven's piano trios First concert Trios op. 1 n°1 & n° 2 ; op. 44 ; op. 121a (Variations Kakadu) ; op. 97 (Archiduc)

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Complete Beethoven's piano trios

Sat 16 Dec 2017

5:00 PM

from 5 to 19 €

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