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A journey through the songs of the steppes.

One is Mongolian, while the other is Kalmyk. They both come from the steppes as well as the third one accompanying them. Byambajargal Gombodorj and Okna Tsahan Zam practice overtone and monodic long singing, both born from the wind of the steppes. Their friend Epi, great overtone singer, accompany them by playing the morin-khuur, a beautiful string instrument whose neck has the form of a horse’s head. Three exceptional singers and musicians who will make us gallop through the melodies of ancient Mongolian sagas.

Jean-Pierre Thibaudat

from 5 to 19 €

Country Mongolie, République de Kalmoukie

overtone singing, tovshuur Mongolia Okna Tsahan Zam
monodic long song Byambajargal Gombodorj
singing, morin-khuur Epi

Sat 7 Apr 2018

5:00 PM

from 5 to 19 €

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