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Espace Partagé

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Czardas et szaporas lamentations, celebrations from kalotaszeg region

Tcha Limberger’s a belgian gypsy musician. With his trio, he enlightens this music that is considered as “the most beautifuf Hungarian” one. Multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, singer, equally at home with oral tradition music and contemporary music, Tcha Limberger is accompanied by a couple of “historic” musicians: Berki Victor (bass), Toni Rudi, (lute), who’s both been both two Néti Sandor's faithful companions. When Néti died, Tcha convinced them to keep on playing together for a few years. A repertoire worth to be discovered or rediscovered by three irresistible musicians.

Françoise Degeorges

from 5 to 19 €

Country Transylvanie

Vocal & Violin Tcha Limberger
Bass Berki Victor
Brac Toni Rudi

France culture Maison des Cultures du Monde Festival de l'imaginaire

Sat 9 Dec 2017

5:00 PM

from 5 to 19 €

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