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(LA) Horde collective sticks out for a « post-internet dance »

They come from Canada, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. The « To Da Bone » 10 dancers auditions have been organized on the net, the very same place where jumpstyle spread since 2000 following videos posted on youtube. Translating the electro music rhythms into sequences of sliding and jumping steps, this crazy jig could not but seduce the founders of (LA) Horde collective, created in 2011 and sticking out for a « post-internet dance ». The 10 minutes first version of the show - Danse Elargie winner - liberated enough energy to raise overall tension…

Founded in 2011 by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel, (La) Horde collective develops its research through performances, films and installations. Choreographers of the digital age, they stick out for a « post-internet » form of art traversed by images and information flooding in just-in-time from all over the world.

from 5 to 18 €

Collective (LA) HORDE

Design & staging (LA)HORDE - Marine brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel sound composition Aamourocean Lights Design Patrick Riou General Manager & Assistant Lights Claire Dereeper costume Lily Sato outside look Jean Christophe Lanquetin Production & Broadcast Clémence Sormani

with Valentin Basset Aka Bassardo, Mathieu Douay Aka Magii’x, Thomas Hongre Aka Topa, Kevin Martinelli Aka MrCovin,Edgar Scassa Aka Edx (France) ; Camille Dubé Bouchard Aka Dubz (Quebec) ; László Holoda aka Leslee (Hungary) ; Damian Kamil Szczegielniak Aka Leito, Michal Adam Zybura Aka Zyto (Poland) ; Viktor Pershko Aka Belir, Andrii Shkapoid Aka Shkap (Ukraine); Nick Reisinger Aka Neon (Germany)

Sat 19 May 2018

9:00 PM

from 5 to 18 €

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