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Espace Partagé

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Yael Ronen / Exil Ensemble / Maxim Gorki Theater

Les Abbesses

Goethe Institut Ministère des Affaires étrangères Allemagne

May 29May 30, 2018

from 8 to 15 €




A group of actors from Syria and Palestine

The Exil Ensemble in Berlin Gorki Theater is a platform created for actors coming from Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine who are forced to live in exile in order to pursue their artistic carriers. Building on the success of her works about the history of recent conflicts, Yael Ronen directed the first Exil Ensemble creation. In Winterreise, together with an actor from Berlin, they embark on a winter bus journey across Germany. The landscapes fly by on a semicircular screen while the memories and the live comments come from all sides, like the one of a Pegida’s demonstration in Dresden. A theatre that watches, not without comicality.

Country Allemagne

By Yael Ronen Exil Ensemble, Maxim Gorki Theater scenography Magda Willi Costume Sophie Du vinage Music Yaniv Fridel, Ofer Shabi Video Patrícia Bateira, Benjamin Krieg puppets Ariel Doron drawings Esra Rotthoff

WITH Maryam Abu Khaled, Mazen Aljubbeh, Hussein AL Shatheli, Till Wonka, Karim Daoud, Kenda Hmeidan, Ayham Majid Agha