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Espace Partagé

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Nov 08Nov 11, 2017

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6 years and older

A spoken-sung flow of words of many different origins.

Composed for an actress-singer-performer, "Blablabla" is a playful and musical word exploration. By mixing up words of different origins and rhythms in a unique spoken-sung flow - a Sncf announcement, a television news extract, a Harry Potter's sentence, a recipe, a little girl telling Winnie-the-Pooh...- Joris Lacoste and Emmanuelle Lafon, who have been working at the Encyclopedia of word for the last ten years, question listening on a child's scale.

Maïa Bouteillet

Conception Encyclopédie de la parole Composition Joris Lacoste direction Emmanuelle Lafon Sound creation Vladimir Kudryavtsev Lighting creation Marianne Pelcerf direction assistant Lucie Nicolas Sounds collection coordination Valérie Louys Collectors Julie Lacoste, Armelle Dousset, Emmanuelle Lafon, Lucie Nicolas, Élise Simonet, Valérie Louys, Joris Lacoste

With Armelle Dousset