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Espace Partagé

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe / Ludwig van Beethoven / Insula orchestra / Laurence Equilbey / Séverine Chavrier

In German
Overtitled in French

Insula orchestra

Sep 21Sep 22, 2017

from 34 € to 60 €




The musical poem by Goethe and Beethoven finds a modern accent: a hymn to freedom

This great musical poem, born by an artistic complicity between Goethe and Beethoven, is an overwhelming hymn to freedom and to the bravery of its hero who's faithful to his ideals until death. A unique masterpiece gathering together musicians and actors in a projet that doesn't hesitate to use the most contemporary performance forms. A piece from the past that perfectly fits in our present shattered times.

Jean-François Perrier

Text Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Music Ludwig van Beethoven Musical direction Laurence Equilbey direction & realisation Séverine Chavrier Dramaturgy Beate Haeckl Scenography Benjamin Hautin Video Thomas Guiral lighting creation Patrick Riou comedians Stefan Kinsman, Doga Gürer, Leonard Hohm, Charles Morillon

With  (48 musiciens), Sheva Tehoval soprano