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Espace Partagé

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Aurélien Bory / Compagnie 111

Dec 07Dec 13, 2017

from 10 to 28 €

19:00 / 21:00


George Pérec’s universe inspires an artistic and joyful human microcosm

Aurélien Bory has always been a creator of intriguing vertical or sloping spaces where it’s possible to slip, to climb or to hang off. “We roam them and through them we discover our relation to the world”, Aurélien wrote about his work “Géométrie de caoutchouc”. And suddenly, everything changes. Everything but his imagination. « Espæce » examines George Pérec’s world, transformed into a huge space, riddled with letters, invaded by words. Between the gigantic pages of an ogre who would have disguised himself as a book, we meet a joyful artistic humankind microcosm: an actor, a dancer, a singer, a contortionist and an acrobat. While young Pérec’s dramas still echo in these vulnerable pranksters, they join forces to face the tragedy through their sense of humor and thanks to music and acrobatics. All in all, a beautiful philosophic vitality.

Thomas Hahn

Conception, scenography & direction Aurélien Bory artistic collaboration Taïcyr Fadel Lighting creation Arno Veyrat music composition Joan Cambon technical design Pierre Dequivre Costumes Sylvie Marcucci, Manuela Agnesini Chants Franz Schubert Winterreise (The Winter Journey) quotes Georges Perec Espèces d’espaces © éditions Galilée, 1974 Company Compagnie 111

with Guilhem Benoit, Mathieu Desseigne Ravel, Katell Le Brenn ou Lise Pauton, Claire Lefilliâtre, Olivier Martin-Salvan