Théâtre sans frontières

Théâtre sans frontières

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Théâtre Dromesko

Le Monfort

Jan 23Feb 17, 2018

from 7 to 28 €

16:00 / 20:30



In their wooden hut here you have Théâtre Dromesko fairground artists, whose nomadic souls are so terrifically charming!

After the « Le jour du Grand jour » great success, Théâtre Dromesko’s back with « Le dur désir de durer ». Their wooden hut is still there, with the same actors, dancers, musicians and with Charles the marabout who’s the mascot of the adventure. With a terrific charm, the nomadic souls of these fairground artists lead us through a gallery of histories coming and going in front of our eyes.

Jean-Pierre Thibaudat

Conception, direction & scenography Igor Dromesko, Lily Dromesko Texts Guillaume Durieux set build by Philippe Cottais Costumes Cissou Winling Lighting design Fanny Gonin Sound Philippe Tivillier Play & dance Lily Dromesko, Igor Dromesko, Guillaume Durieux, Violeta Todó-González, Florent Hamon, Zina Gonin-Lavina, Revaz Matchabeli, Manuel Perraudin, Jeanne Vallauri music performed by Revaz Matchabeli (violoncelle), Lily Dromesko (chant), Igor Dromesko (accordéon) Théâtre Dromesko