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Martin Crimp / Rémy Barché

Les Abbesses

Feb 08Feb 23, 2018

from 10 to 30 €

15:00 / 20:30


In New York, a girl’s propelled to the blockbuster movie system, “a fascinating, yet devouring world” according to Martin Crimp.

Anna, a solitary girl in the New York maelstrom, tries her luck at a couple of producers who’ll be soon fascinated by the account of the horrors she says having been going through in her past. True or false? Whatever! She won. Will the cinematographical approach make the truth clear? Without giving up on « the ambiguities of humor and oneirism », Martin Crimp portrays the world of “cinema pretentious losers” in a cursed city.

Colette Godard

Text Martin Crimp direction Rémy Barché Translation Elisabeth Angel-Perez (Le Traitement), Christophe Pellet, Michelle Pellet (Le Messager de l’amour)

With Baptiste Amann, Suzanne Aubert, Marion Barché, Thierry Bosc, Alex Descas, Catherine Mouchet (Casting pending)