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Phia Ménard / Cie Non Nova

Le Monfort

Théâtre de la Ville Hors les murs

Mar 29Apr 14, 2018

from 10 to 25 €



Plastic and wind at the core of a whirlwind of emotions

With her new work « Les Os noirs », solo for one woman, juggler and stage director Phia Ménard doesn’t beat about the bush to deal with death and planned demise. Immersed in a twister of disproportionate elements - plastic and wind being at the core of Phia Ménard’s latest device - her heroine struggles to surface, to be born again by betting on life’s ferocious strength.

Jeanne Liger

original idea, dramaturgy, direction & scenography Phia Ménard writing & dramaturgy assistant Jean-Luc Beaujault Sound Composition Ivan Roussel Lighting creation Olivier Tessier costumes Fabrice Ilia Leroy machinery Creation Pierre Blanchet Création machinerie Mateo Provost set & props making Philippe Ragot Created & performed by Chloée Sanchez company Cie Non Nova