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Espace Partagé

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Fabrice Lambert

Faits d'Hiver

Feb 06Feb 09, 2019

10 à 18€




Watchful and amused by what escapes and betrays us, Fabrice Lambert creates a movement coming a long way, a dark times gesture: should we call it wild?

For the choreographer, the intention of a gesture precedes its shown version: « Form is content coming to the surface ». His choreographies give birth to both concrete and intangible spaces, crossed by organic flows. A tense and vigilant smoothness, coming from afar but also conjugated in the present tense. As a visual artist of movement, entirely partnering with light, he continues his sensual and incisive journey from one work to the next. « Aujourd’hui, sauvage » brings eight performers on stage, in Sallahdyn Khatir’s superb set design and with Marek Havlicek and Benjamin Colin’s musical backup. They all accepted Henri Michaux’s invitation to embody the roars and the racket, « the never quenched thirst », the intuitions guiding movement at the eve of its impulse.

Jean-Marc Adolphe

choreography Fabrice Lambert

Assistant Hanna Hedman lighting design Philippe Gladieux Music Marek Havlicek & Benjamin Colin Scenography & Costumes Sallahdyn Khatir with Aina Alegre, Jérôme Andrieu, Mathieu Burner, Benjamin Colin, Vincent Delétang, Corinne Garcia, Hanna Hedman, Yannick Hugron