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Jan Martens

Les Abbesses

May 06May 11, 2019

10 à 26 €




Intimacy, effort and attempt are at the very center of Jan Marten’s searches. Among the most sought after choreographers of his generation, he will present a double program, divided between two short but very deep pieces, stemming from the origins of the Flemish golden boy’s creativity. In “Sweat Baby Sweat”, a couple transforms its mutual infatuation into acrobatics, in an extremely delicate slow-motion that reveals the permanent effort - found in every love relationship - of doing things for the other. Their very plastic hand to hand is a true art of the attempt. After this, it was simply logic to see Jan Martens take the stage and deconstruct in a fairly self-mocking way, his own attempts to shape his inspirations. He dances, talks, writes and jibes at his own perfectionism and melancholy. A sincerely mischievous ode!

Country Belgique

Jan Martens

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