Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Vincent Dupont

Les Abbesses

Jan 08Jan 11, 2019

10 à 26€



A distribution platform. A large amount of shipping boxes. Two men. Two warehouse clerks. They are crushed by their meaningless hard work gestures. Choreographer Vincent Dupont turns their situation upside down. Refined and tense, his works orchestrate the entire space where new forms can be initiated to bring representation to life. If a “shelter” exists, let us find it through dance, suggesting different paths to reality. The two performers (including the choreographer himself) connect themselves to their bodies, their breathing. Through them, imagination takes off. The straitjacket disappears. A musical body turns on and breathing breaks through the surface of the entire human being movement range. The phonation - language underground activation - inspires the continuum of a world of modulations. Everyone enjoys the liberated beauty of being moved.

Gérard Mayen

conception & choreography Vincent Dupont company J'y pense souvent (…)

sound Maxime Fabre, Raphaëlle Latini lighting design Yves Godin voice work Valérie Joly dramaturgy advisor Mathieu Bouvier Artistic collaboration Myriam Lebreton with Raphaël Dupin & Vincent Dupont