Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Lucy Guerin

Les Abbesses

Australia Council for the arts

Dec 04Dec 08, 2018

10 à 26€




Two women in the grip of time and space.

Split’s principle is as simple as effective. Two women occupy a space delimited by white lines. This space is constantly narrowing, obliging them to redefine their relationship, at intervals that become equally threatening. There is no escape or solution. Gestures are growingly compelling and neurotic then suddenly appeased. From unison to intimate fighting, Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner unveil a blistering choreographic treasure raising countless issues around the interpretation of this striking and transparent metaphor, danced naked by one of them. But their increasingly strained complicity is not the only subject of the piece, thus excluding any form of voyeurism. From piece to piece, Lucy Guerin’s great talent asserts itself and becomes clearer.

Thomas Hahn

Country Australie

chorégraphie Lucy Guerin compagnie Lucy Guerin Inc

Composition Musicale Scanner Costumes Harriet Oxley Lumières Paul Lim Son Robin Fox Avec Melanie Lane & Lilian Steiner