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Naïf Théâtre & Collectif Pansdarts

Oct 20Oct 30, 2018, Dec 26Dec 28, 2018

5 à 12€

10:00 / 15:00


+ 5
5 years and older

What if writing had been invented by a young girl? Through Rudyard Kipling, Richard Demarcy creates a story that shakes our preconceived notions.

What if writing was born by mistake on a harpoon fishing day, very far from inhabited areas? Richard Demarcy has been inspired by one of Rudyard Kipling “Just so stories” to write Titifani’s adventure. This solid and clever young girl lives in harmony with her parents. « A very longtime ago, men did not know how to read or write and they clearly did not want to... » until the day they felt an urgent need to communicate over a distance and Titifani had a luminous idea. The adventure did not quite turn out as planned, but writing foundations had been laid. Conducted with humor and fantasy, the tale relies on acting abilities, puppets and video.

Maïa Bouteillet

Naïf Théâtre & Collectif Pansdarts

Text Richard Demarcy based on La Première Lettre by Rudyard Kipling direction Richard Demarcy & Nicolas Le Bossé Musical creation Nicolas Le Bossé paints Chloé Martineau Videos & pictures Siegfried May Artistic Collaboration Collectif Pansdarts with Amandine Truffy or Gersende Aymé (alternatly), Nicolas Le Bossé, Zacharia Rassidi With the friendly Collaboration Of Jean-Lacroix Kamga, Dima Smirnov, Yilin Yang