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Marie Desplechin / Léna Bréban / Alexandre Zambeaux

Feb 21Mar 03, 2019

5 à 15€

14:30 / 15:30 / 17:00 / 19:00

+ 8
8 years and older

When the daughter of a witch seeks to be just a normal young girl… a modern tale.

Verte is 11 years old and she likes her friend Soufi better than witchcraft, her family trade. That seriously annoys her mother Ursule who sends her every Wednesday to see her grandmother Anastabotte, in charge of teaching her the ins and outs of the field. With a lot of humor and some fine observations about preadolescence, this novel by Marie Despléchin - almost a classic in children’s literature - questions fundamental issues: what does it mean to become an adult? What is the legacy of our parents? But also, how do we build ourselves in spite of it? No need for centuries-old grimoires or flying brooms, director Léna Bréban has a realistic approach and is supported by a solid quartet of actors and by magician Thierry Collet.

Maïa Bouteillet

based on Marie Desplechin direction Léna Bréban artistic collaboration Alexandre Zambeaux

Adaptation Léna Bréban & Alexandre Zambeaux Scenography Emmanuelle Roy Magic-special effects Thierry Collet sound Creation Sylvain Jacques lighting design Jean-Luc Chanonat Costumes Julie Deljéhier with Rachel Arditi, Céline Carrère, Pierre Lefebvre, Julie Pilod