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A String Trio Defense and Illustration

The string trio? An unjustly neglected musical form! Three highly trained young musicians decided to present an attractive panorama. A Beethoven early work, full of charm; a Zimmermann neoclassical chapter preceding Mozart’s Divertimento K. 563, a work that truly demonstrates the mastery of the composer’s art. He dedicated it to Puchberg, his brother Mason and most valued friend. A music coming straight from the heart, freer than ever.

Bernard Meillat

5 à 19€

Marc Bouchkov Violin Adrien Boisseau viola Alexey Stadler cello

BEETHOVEN String Trio in G major, op. 9 n° 1 B. A. ZIMMERMANN String Trio (1944) MOZART Divertimento for String Trio, « Puchberg », K 563

Sat 13 Apr 2019

4:00 PM

5 à 19€

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