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Espace Partagé

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Gabriel Kahane

Les Abbesses

Apr 01Apr 02, 2019

10 € to 26 €



A musical train-movie

Classical musician, composer, pianist and pop-culture figure New Yorker Gabriel Kahane is inspired by social fractures and American landscapes. The day after Donald Trump’s victory, Gabriel went on the road or more exactly jumped on a train, westward expansion’s strong arm. He spoke to some improbable travelling companions, to people eating in the dining car and travelled 8,980 miles. Today he brings on stage the result of this documentary work. Different musical portraits stemmed from different encounters: Monica, an African-American woman whose children won’t allow her to travel by car; a group of German Baptist Church members; some workmen from Battle Creek (Michigan), the cornflake capital… As subtle as Paul Simon or Randy Newman, Gabriel Kahane exhibits his sound canvas of an America “less binary than Twitter accounts might suggest”.

Véronique Mortaigne

Conception, Music & Performance Gabriel Kahane direction Daniel Fish scenography and video Jim Findlay lighting Mark Barton videographic Tamara Ober

Within the framework of Brooklyn-Paris Exchange, a cooperation BAM & Théatre de la Ville