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Cirque Trottola

Nov 23Dec 22, 2018

10 à 22€



+ 10
10 years and older

Two inseparable acrobats travel through time with their desire to understand mankind in all its flips and slides. On a musical score, an allegory of time passing by.

Two silhouettes seeking light arrive from another elsewhere. They have known the light from the depths, they are now looking for massive success. Astonishment! All heads turn in the sawdust ring’s direction. The audience is there, so close around them… After “Matamore”, Cirque Trottola returns to its original form. A duet that has become a quartet, with Thomas Barrière and Bastien Poulenc, two multi-instrumentalists, jack-of-all-trades and climbing companions of Titoune and Bonaventure Gacon, fascinating performers who love all kinds of emotions. The miraculous and unique Trottola signature has not changed: virtuoso feats (flying trapeze and acrobatic lifts), intangible bits and a little of this and that, furtive moments when a mimic, a blank look or a tired back become the details of the pointillist landscape Trottola draws of the human condition. Nothing will be missing!

Charlotte Lipinska

Conception Artists of Cirque Trottola

Lighting &sound design Joachim Gacon-Douard Fille De Piste Jeanne Maigne Costumes Anne Jonathan technical, artistic & acrobatic advisors Jérémy Anne, Florian Bach, Filléas De Block, François Cervantes, Grégory Cosenza, François Derobert, Pierre Le Gouallec & Nicolas Picot Constructions Scola Teloni, Cen.Construction, Atelier Vindiak & Lali Maille art master Paul Bergamo - Fonderie Cornille-Havard visual creation Paille (Bell set) & Nathalie Novi (visual drawings) with Titoune & Bonaventure Gacon and the musicians Thomas Barrière, Bastien Pelenc