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Espace Partagé

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Gianina Cărbunariu

Les Abbesses

Saison France Roumanie

Dec 15Dec 17, 2018

10 à 26€

16:00 / 20:00



One of the most powerful voices of the Romanian contemporary scene.

Gianina Cărbunariu is one of the strongest voices of the contemporary Romanian stage. Her theatre highlights the hottest Romanian or international current affairs. “Common People”, created in Sibiu after a period of research in Italy, UK and Romania, evokes corruption at the European level and the “whistle-blowers” as well as the “integrity buzzers” phenomena. The work is based on interviews of people having suffered after having denounced irregularities at their workplaces, on archival materials and press clippings. These “voices” constitute the narrative structure of this fictional work. The script includes video interviews of the actual heroes beside their stage doubles. Images, real words and theatre words interweave and converge to turn the theatre into a forum.

Mirella Patureau

Country Roumanie

direction Gianina Cărbunariu

Scenography & Video Mihai Păcurar Music Bobo Burlăcianu Video Documentation Veioza Arte-Tania Cucoreanu & Andrei Ionită with Florin Coşuleţ, Mariana Mihu, Ioan Paraschiv, Ofelia Popii, Dana Taloș & Marius Turdeanu

Event organized and supported as part of the France-Romania 2019 Season