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Nicholas Wright / Brigitte Jaques-Wajeman

Les Abbesses

Feb 26Mar 02, 2019

de 10 à 30 €



Mrs Klein’s claustrophobic atmosphere is back. A model of accuracy served by a trio of highly electrified actresses.

Melanie Klein is back. With Melitta Schmideberg, her daughter. And Paula Heymann, her daughter’s friend, who will become her disciple and take the place of the unloved daughter, the mother’s rival. The drama is re-enacted in 1934 London: news of the son’s death in a mountain-climbing accident in Hungary has just arrived. Accident, or not? That is the question. For a whole night, it will torment the three analysts. Passionate women. Melitta and Paula are confronted with Melanie’s - a “terrific tripe butcher” as Lacan used to call her – theories about the child psychoanalysis– can we analyze our own children? The three of them are Jewish, the three of them are exiles, testifying, beyond their quarrels, to the tragedy of a world ready to fall into hatred. Can psychoanalysis afford to deal with such passions? And theatre?

François Regnault

text Nicholas Wright translation François Regnault (Editions du Seuil) direction Brigitte Jaques-Wajeman

direction Assistant Pascal Bekkar Scenography Emmanuel Peduzzi Costumes Pascale Robin & Emmanuel Peduzzi lighting design Nicolas Faucheux stage objects Franck Lagaroje make up and hair styling Catherine Saint-Sever Music Marc-Olivier Dupin sound Stéphanie Gibert with Marie-Armelle Deguy, Sarah Le Picard, Clémentine Verdier