Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Phia Ménard


Jan 10Jan 13, 2019

8 à 25€

16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00


Juggling with elements and not dodging any combat! Rebellious and unpredictable, Phia Ménard continues to shake scenes and consciences.

Phia Ménard is an unclassified artist. She is accustomed to blow up presumed boundaries between art forms that she rather gathers together in order to express a fundamental issue, that of a present and future fight. Starting from the way she looks upon herself and from the way others look upon the woman she has become, she engages in an ongoing reflection about male and female roles that are being forced upon us, whether consciously or unconsciously. Unable to resolve this state of things, with “Saison sèche” she imagines an uncertain place of resistance and insubordination inhabited by dancers who are confronted with “trembling floors and dripping walls”. An artistic ritual where bodies and words combine to step beyond “gender assignment” and its corollary: patriarchal power.

Jean-François Perrier

Dramaturgy & direction Phia Ménard, Jean-Luc Beaujault

Scenography Phia Ménard sound Composition Ivan Roussel Lighting design Laïs Foulc Costumes & props Fabrice Ilia-Leroy set and props Construction Philippe Ragot Creation & performance Marion Blondeau, Anna Gaïotti, Élise Legros, Phia Ménard, Marion Parpirolles, Marlène Rostaing, Jeanne Vallauri, Amandine Vandroth