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Julie Berès

Les Abbesses

Nov 22Dec 01, 2018

10 à 26€

16:00 / 20:00


+ 10
10 years and older

There is an urgent need to find new perspectives on nature. Who better than children to convince us? A contemporary tale, full of hope.

Insects disappear. Birds too. As Jacques Rebotier wrote: “There are many endangered species, but only one threatening specie: Man”. Rather than raising a new alarm (scientists, environmental activists and media already do the job), Julie Berès imagines a theatre tale questioning our relationship with nature. Are we capable of turning it back to a source of wonder and enchantment rather than a supermarket of our needs or a garbage dump? Julien Berès has been interviewing and filming children. Their laid-back speech provides the fuel for a plural dramatic narrative, for all kinds of audiences, where stories and landscapes mingle with acting and image handling freely inspired by a Joël Jouanneau tale. A production both poetic and instructive!

Jean-Marc Adolphe

Conception & Mise En Scène Julie Berès Compagnie Les Cambrioleurs

(Casting pending)

Dramaturgy Pierre Chevallier Documentaire Julie Berès, Christian Archambeau, Jonathan Michel Freely Inspired Tale Of A Unpublished Fable by Joël Jouanneau, Korb Oratorio Composed with the help of Kevin Keiss Sound & Musical creation David Bichindaritz, Kyrie Kristmanson Lighting design Christian Dubet Video Christian Archambeau, Jonathan Michel Scenography Julien Peissel Costumes Marie-Cécile Viault with Mia Delmaë, Mélanie Couillaud, Valentine Alaqui, Laurent Cazanave, Kyrie Kristmanson…

photos Axelle de Russé