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Baro d'evel

Les Abbesses

Jun 17Jun 20, 2020

10 à 26€




A living fresco for two dancers and a crow.

Compagnie Bar d’evel returns to its first love, highlighting the beauty of the creative act in its purest state. In an immaculate space, a living fresco for two dancers and a crow appears, one line at a time. But instead of painting with brushes, Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias make the blackness appear through the rubbing of their bodies against the canvas, which is covered in Meudon white. And in the end, the great painting is there, Là, a triptych both abstract and a landscape, with abundant traces of life. Every evening, this choreographic, audio, and visual gesture reinvents its “painting,” highlighting the extent to which Baro d’evel is the laboratory of a unique language between dance, circus, theater, music, and visual arts, imbued with lightness, depth, and openness. And the presence of Gus the crow questions this original couple, as beautiful as it is fragile.

Thomas Hahn

Baro d'evel

collaboration on the direction María Muñoz – Pep Ramis / Mal Pelo Collaboration on the dramaturgy Barbara Métais-Chastanier set design Lluc Castells assisted by Mercè Lucchetti musical Collaboration & sound design Fanny Thollot lighting design Adèle Grépinet costume design Céline Sathal recorded music Joel Bardolet (string arrangements), Jaume Guri, Masha Titova, Ileana Waldenmayer, Melda Umur Construction Jaume Grau & Pere Camp

Authors & performers Camille Decourtye, Blaï Mateu Trias