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Wen Hui / Jana Svobodová

Les Abbesses

Festival d'Automne à Paris ONDA

Nov 05Nov 09, 2019

10 à 30 €




From Beijing to Prague, two poignant takes on the quest for freedom: big stories of “little people.”

When History is written with a capital H, “ordinary people” have a front-row seat. Violent events can turn their lives upside down, abruptly or progressively, but always profoundly. Wen Hui, a pioneer of contemporary dance in China, masterfully demonstrated this in her documentary and choreographic essay "Red", staged at Théâtre des Abbesses in 2017. She returns with "Ordinary People", in which Chinese and Czech citizens, young and old, compare life under socialism with the current era by sharing their struggles for freedom and the tragedies that changed their lives. With multiple but always clear set elements, Wen Hui and the director Jana Svobodová offer these so-called “ordinary” people an opportunity to dance and to speak. We leave the theater profoundly moved by their extraordinary stories.

Thomas Hahn

direction Wen Hui, Jana Svobodová

Music & sound Jan Burian video artist Jaroslav Hrdlička lights Pavel Kotlík direction Assistant Valida Babayeva Dramaturgy Ondřej Hrab Assistants dramaturg Lonneke van Heugten, Carmen Mehnert translation Ian Yang, Anna Vrbová, Andre Swoboda with Wen Hui, Vladimír Tůma, Jiang Fan / Li Yuyao (en alternance), Philipp Schenker, Wen Luyuan, Jan Burian, Li Xinmin / Pan Xiaonan / Jaroslav Hrdlička, Pavel Kotlík