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Georges Appaix

MAC Créteil

Faits d'Hiver MAC Créteil

Feb 04Feb 07, 2020

10 à 22 €




The poet of dance revisits his past, without nostalgia and in total freedom.

With Georges Appaix, never take anything at face value. For that would be missing out on the delightful irony that makes this “forced dancer” so singular. In thirty-five years of original productions, the choreographer from Marseille has invited us to discover the choreographic ABC’s he is now bringing to a close. With each production, this skilled saxophonist and former player with the Marseille university soccer club asserts more freedom in his way of thinking and his method of combining speech, gesture, dance, music, and everyday objects and activities. "XYZ" already promises to be his ultimate manifesto, his final step toward the freedom of leaving a body of work you have to have sampled at least once, or risk missing out on one of the most delicious flavors to have come out of our choreographic kitchens.

Thomas Hahn

concept, direction & texts Georges Appaix La Liseuse

Choreography Georges Appaix with the Participation of the perfomers Video design Renaud Vercey Concept & texts for the publication Christine Rodes & Georges Appaix Graphic design Francine Zubeil set design Le Groupe Dune(S) Madeleine Chiche, Bernard Misrachi & Georges Appaix Lighting design Pierre Jacot-Descombes Sound Environment design Olivier Renouf, Éric Petit & Georges Appaix with Georges Appaix, Romain Bertet, Liliana Ferri, Maxime Gomard, Maria Eugenia Lopez Valenzuela, Carlotta Sagna, Melanie Venino