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Trio Catch

Les Abbesses

Festival d'Automne à Paris Centre culturel canadien

Oct 07, 2019

5 à 19 €



This first Paris concert by the Trio Catch brings together five compositions. By Claude Vivier, two of the eight pieces he intended for a competition; by Gérard Pesson, the virtuosic and playful Catch Sonata; by the young Hungarian composer Márton Illés, Three Watercolors; and finally by Isabel Mundry, who was first invited by the Festival d’Automne, an ambitious work, Sounds, Archeologies, composed in 2017 for the Trio Catch: “what does you make of it when across from your home rises up from a dormitory for refugees calls to prayer, noise music, African chants, and radio broadcasts of the Bayreuth Festival, forcing one to reconsider a politics of listening and to reinvent the archetypes of our musical history, like an archeologist observing a figurine from elsewhere?

Laurent Feneyrou


Claude Vivier Pièce pour violon et clarinette, Pièce pour violoncelle et piano
Gérard Pesson Catch Sonata
Márton Illés Drei Aquarelle (french premiere) Isabel Mundry Sounds, Archeologies (french premiere)

Trio Catch

Boglárka Pecze clarinet, basset horn
Eva Boesch cello Sun-Young Nam piano
et Susanne Zapf guest violonist

Part of portrait Claude Vivier presented by Festival d’Automne à Paris