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Espace Partagé

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Barthold Kuijken / Ann Cnop / Benjamin Lescoat / Ronan Kernoa

Les Abbesses

Jan 11, 2020

5 à 19 €



Listening to the four Mozart quartets for flute and strings will do more than liven up a winter afternoon. One is filled with wonder at the first Quartet in D major, a genuine masterpiece commissioned by Fernand Dejean, in which the composer manages to go beyond the galant style. One delights in the parodic tone of the last Quartet in A major, which uses the themes borrowed from his brother the mason Hoffmeister and Paisiello. An eminent specialist in baroque music on historical instruments, the Belgian flautist Barthold Kuijken—a regular at the Théâtre de la Ville—will appear with three first-rate musicians with whom he has often played in baroque ensembles.

Anne de Fornel

With Barthold Kuijken, Ann Cnop, Benjamin Lescoat, Ronan Kernoa

MOZART The complete quartets for flute and strings