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Espace Partagé

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Derya Türkan / Hakan Güngör

Les Abbesses

Dec 14, 2019

5 à 19 €



Both born in 1973, Derya Türkan, a virtuoso of the kamancha, a little three-string violin played vertically with a bow, and Hakan Gûngor, master of the qanun, a plucked string table zither, have not been apart since they met 22 years ago. Whether playing in a duet or with other musicians, they do not hesitate to free themselves from their geographic and musical boundaries to play with the double bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons, the cellist Vincent Ségal, or Jordi Savall. Here, they will make the gentle and suave sounds of their instruments resonate in a program of Istanbul music, from the Ottoman period to the 20th century, with a few pieces from the 17th century and traditional chants interspersed with brilliant improvisations.

Country Turquie

With Derya Türkan, Hakan Güngör