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Espace Partagé

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By the age of five, Rakesh Chaurasia was following in the footsteps of his famous uncle Hariprasad, which led him to the magical sound of the bansuri, at once so simple and universal. Rakesh lived next door to his uncle and would often come see him; a vocation was born, leading to the appearance of one of the great instrumentalists of his generation, an inspired, uncontested, and much in-demand master. Born in Mumbai in 1971, he is the only one of the master’s disciples to produce such a spellbinding sound, one so enveloping that one might confuse them. The very attack of the first note takes hold of us and leads us into the raga. An intense music steeped in a deep spirituality in which man connects with the heavens. From there, nature and the cosmos enter into a dance.

Christian Ledoux

5 à 19 €

Country Inde du Nord

With Rakesh Chaurasia, Ojas Adhiya

Sat 25 Jan 2020

4:00 PM

5 à 19 €

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