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Sara Stridsberg / Christophe Rauck

Le Monfort

Le Monfort

May 12May 19, 2020

8 € à 25 €




The American artist and feminist Valerie Solanas is at the center of this production inspired by Sara Stridsberg’s novel.

Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore” wrote Valerie Solanas in SCUM Manifesto, a blistering manifesto calling for the eradication of males. Fascinated by this uncompromising artist known for her attempted assassination of Andy Warhol, Sara Stridsberg devotes her novel The Faculty of Dreams to the complex and tormented personality of this artist who lived at the intersection of feminist struggle and artistic commitment. While Sara Stridsberg has herself adapted this novel shifting between narrative, poetry, and theater for the stage, Christophe Rauck here uses the original text to go in search of the Valerie Solanas “paradox,” with the burning desire to “bring her back to life and allow her to live forever.”

Hugues Le Tanneur

by Sara Stridsberg direction Christophe Rauck

translation Jean-Baptiste Coursaud Adaptation & Dramaturgy Lucas Samain set design Aurélie Thomas Costumes Coralie Sanvoisin lights Olivier Oudiou sound Xavier Jacquot Video Pierre Martin

with Anne Caillere, Cécile Garcia Fogel, Mélanie Menu, Christele Tual, David Houri, Pierre-Henri Puente