Théâtre sans frontières

Théâtre sans frontières

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Thomas Bernhard / Séverine Chavrier

Le Monfort

Le Monfort

Nov 05Nov 09, 2019

8 € à 25 €




Following in Thomas Bernhard’s footsteps, Séverine Chavrier puts her foot in it with this electric version of Déjeuner chez Wittgenstein.

“Anything of any value has always been drowned in soups and sauces.” For Voss, the protagonist of Déjeuner chez Wittgenstein, “everything evil” started from the dining room. In this play, this space generally considered convivial is transformed into the field of ruins of a catastrophe both general and intimate. Faithful to the author, Séverine Chavrier places the protagonist of Nous Sommes Repus Mais Pas Repentis in the middle of a floor covered in broken dishes. Voss’s rage and curses are let loose in the very heart of chaos, his destructive energy inventing a singular art of brilliance in which nothing is spared—especially not theater. But in its virulence and its excesses, this anger equally prompt to burn down what it loves most primarily demonstrates a sense of humor all the more invigorating in that it spares nothing and no one.

Hugues Le Tanneur

Thomas Bernhard Concept Séverine Chavrier

set design Benjamin Hautin Dramaturgy Benjamin Chavrier lights Patrick Riou sound Frédéric Morier Video Jérôme Vernez direction Assistant Maëlle Dequiedt Set design Assistant Louise Sari set Construction atelier du théâtre de Vidy

with Marie Bos, Séverine Chavrier, Laurent Papot & the Participation ofstudents of the conservatoire de musique