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Arnaud Churin

Les Abbesses

Oct 03Oct 19, 2019

10 € à 30 €

15:00 / 20:00



In Arnaud Churin’s Othello, jealousy knows no skin color.

Here is Othello, a cruel tale in which the malice of one man, Iago, hounds another, Othello, into becoming a stranger to himself, his city, and his love. A story in which the color of the faces is reversed: The Moor, who sees himself as Venetian, who speaks the same language as everyone else, is the only white man here, “the Caucasian,” in a community of black men and women. The death knell of alterity takes on an entirely different resonance. Between Venice and Cyprus, the director Arnaud Churin brings to life a world of warriors schooled in martial arts. For seven years, Churin dreamed of staging this tragedy, this universal experience of standing alone among those who do not look like you. Shakespeare, without the clichés.

direction Arnaud Churin

Tanslation, Adaptation & Dramaturgy Emanuela Pace Artistic Collaboration Marie Dissais & Julie Duchaussoy set design Virginie Mira Costumes Sonia De Sousa film direction Solene Filiol Intern Victoire Dermagne with the friendly participation ofOlivier Beriot Lights Gilles Gentner Music Jean-Baptiste Julien technical realization Camille Sanchez Artistic advisor, Martial Arts Laurence Fischer

with Daddy Moanda Kamono, Mathieu Genet, Julie Héga, Nelson-Rafaell Madel, Astrid Bayiha, Aline Belibi, Denis Pourawa, Jean-Felhyt Kimbirima, Ulrich N’toyo