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Espace Partagé

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Collectif Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay

Les Abbesses

Festival d'Automne à Paris Prohelvetia

Nov 13Nov 17, 2019

10 € à 26 €

15:00 / 20:00



What is at play behind a play as it is played? An attempt at an answer with the unclassifiable slapstick trio of Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay.

Theater in theater in the theater… Play after play, one never grows tired of watching how Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth, Michèle Gurtner, and François Gremaud take apart the mechanisms of representation and apply their delightful sense of humor to expose the human reality behind the artifice. In Pièce, one witnesses two actresses and one actor’s efforts to prepare a show and perform it. This stripping bare of the artistic process, not by revealing the wings but by directly showing what takes place in situ, leads to a wide variety of links that intersect and interact to offer not only an amusing glimpse of human relations—for everything starts from and comes back to that—but also the beginnings of an intuition that appear and gradually take shape there. And soon become a play.

Collectif Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay

Collectif Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay: Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth, François Gremaud & Michele Gurtner Music Samuel Pajand Lights Antoine Friderici set design Victor Roy Costumes Collaboration Sarah André

with Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth, François Gremaud, Michele Gurtner & the Musician Samuel Pajand