Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Les Abbesses

Dec 03, 2022

5 € à 20 €



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“Ferociously gifted... no conceivable limitations... his sitar roars, cries, and exults.” Such is the critical acclaim of The Times of India for Nishat Khan. Born in Kolkata in 1960, he took to music at the age of three, studying with his father Imrat Khan, and gave his first concert at the age of seven. He is part of an historic line of players in the school of sitar music in the style of Imdad Khan.

Nishat Khan delights in exploring absolutely every possibility of the sitar, constantly innovating to create musical fascination with power, contrasting colors, energy and subtlety. Tense in concentration, he and his sitar come together as one, as he focuses on playing each note at the right interval (sruti) while taking astonishing risks in perilous vocal patterns (taan). The passages are developed with breathtaking skill, and then comes the expression of radiant joy on his face. Nishat Khan shares and passes on this wondrous heritage, drawing admiration around the world, boosted by his charisma and his unbridled love of music that leaves the audience in a state of transcendence.

Country INDE

Ustad Nishat Khan Sitar

Shahbaz Hussain Tabla