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Espace Partagé

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Jérôme Bel

Festival d'Automne à Paris

Nov 02Nov 07, 2017

from 10 to 26 €

17:00 / 19:00 / 20:30


Minimalist manifesto applied to dance, Jérôme Bel continues to surprise by his radicalness and his critical strength

Peculiar eponymous piece, "Jérôme Bel" is the starting point of a "degree zero dance" research, inspired by Roland Barthes. On a totally bare stage, reduced to its strict operating minimum, dramaturgy’s ensured by lightning, music and by body actions in space (singing, examining, measuring, marking, rubbing). This scenic bareness is mirrored by the total nudity of the performers, four in number, who get rid of their social, political and economic meanings to return to an objectification state, confined to the level of manipulable and instrumentalized objects. In this tragic mood piece, the average and raw bodies acting on stage make a mockery to the standards defining them, to better liberate themselves of their attributions.

Florian Gaité

a show by Jérôme Bel

with Eric Affergan, Yaïr Barelli, Michèle Bargues, Claire Haenni, Frédéric Seguette